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First you probably want to know my sign: Virgo. If you have a burning need for credibility and credentials here are a few: I received an MS in environmental studies (love ecology); an MLS (library and information studies) degree; and I am a certified master gardener with almost three decades of organic gardening practice. For several years I worked at a family-owned nursery as a horticulture assistant elbow-deep in the dirt. I would probably still be working there if they didn't sell the land to a real estate developer and retire. After that I spent a couple years teaching which was awesome - loved the kids and loathed the administration and bureaucracy. I am a cook (not a chef) and a foodie from a family of foodies! When the weather dictates (which it often does), I head to the Rocky Mountains for hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing. I love animals. Presently, I live with my husband (Bumble) and my orange tabby cat, Zippy, numerous backyard birds, raccoons, squirrels and hopefully soon some chickens (Bumble is not in favor of the chicken idea).  In my youth I spent years riding horses which taught me how to successfully negotiate with large beings that outweigh me by about 1300 lbs.  I have been known to speak "dog" - honestly they really get my tone. I am a Francophile. Over the years I have acquired the ability to say "hello, how you are, where's the bathroom, where's the train station, I will have this food or drink" in five languages (English, French, German, Spanish and dog). My husband claims I am a renaissance woman and very eclectic -- which I think means I have tons of ideas and projects that are perpetually unfinished.

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