Monday, January 2, 2012

Real Resolutions

My homemade wreath longing to stay outside and 
not be put away in the closet for 11 months.

Nope, I am not going to set myself up for failure with the usual New Year’s resolutions like “lose 15 pounds” or “become fluent in French” or some such unachievable goal.

Instead,  I am going to create a list of resolutions that are achievable and contain a confident spirit; a list that consists of what I know I can do, not what is wrong or missing with my present self. Everyone has heard them before, nothing much new but they are definitely doable.
  1. Choose to exercise an hour every day. It can be any variety of movement – walking, jogging, swimming, biking, practicing yoga, etc. And always allow for one rest day each week. 
  2. 80/20 rule - Choose healthy food over junk food 80% of the time and 20% of the time indulge and eat that piece of cake your hostess made. I can do this!
  3. When feeling low, be kind to self and venture out into nature – go to streams, woods, snow-capped mountains, grassy plains, lakes, or beaches – and simply marvel at something greater than oneself. 
  4. Choose to create a little something every month – write, paint, sew, re-pot a plant, make earrings, try a new recipe. Laugh at the childlike joy of creating.  Come on, it’s only once a month.
  5. Once a month attend one cultural event that will enrich and inspire - go to a museum exhibit, hear music, see a play at a local theater, attend a Native American Indian pow-wow, etc. This is fun!
  6. Listen to my French language tapes 2 or 3 times a week (you can substitute Spanish, Chinese, Italian, etc.) - the goal is to just listen! I may absorb more and improve without any pressure to become better.
  7. Choose to watch TV less and read or meditate instead. I can do this!
  8. Find one awesome thing about Bumble every week (or every day) and tell him about it. 
  9. Be grateful for the things I do have and learn to let go of things I will no longer have. Gotta do it.
  10. Gravitate toward the people who show love and kindness towards me and let go the people who don’t. It is sad and necessary.  Being unloved and treated unkindly will only make one feel “not good enough” and lacking; this is a recipe for self-loathing. Stay close to the folks who accept the way you are and who forgive your imperfections.
OK, what are yours?


  1. I like the positivity and warmth of this resolution list....I have avoided the New Year's Resolution pretty much all of my life - probably because I tend to not like to do what "everyone else" does....which has gotten me into trouble now and then with the traditionalists. Love you Hedda!

    1. Oh thank you so much for your positive and warm comment to me. I put my weekly blog posts out into the internet air and sadly realize that no one will probably ever read them - too many blogs, too many people, too many subjects to choose from, and not enough time. I am delighted you wrote me and now I am soaring like a bird! Thank you very much.