Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Solstice and Some Haiku

Balance between light and dark and eco-compost to aid the garden beds
It is official – yesterday in the cycles of the stars and planets, the orbit of our earth dancing around the sun - we have experienced the Spring Equinox. The sun is now turning back from its stay at the Southern Hemisphere and is moving north –  incrementally each day. At the equinox there is a balance point between the hours of sunlight and darkness.  It is a special time of year to reflect on balance in our own lives, our relationships, and the good old gray area we need to embrace. There are gobs of gray area between the extremes of light and dark.

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere puts one on notice that plants will be coming to life again.  Gardens will soon be planted with vegetables and flowers, blossoms on fruiting trees will open, whimsical narcissus and tulips will sprout for our attention, and the dormancy of winter will soon be a mere memory.  The other news is there is much work to be done to bring the garden to fruition; thank goodness the days are becoming longer. Creating a garden has taught me a little patience; it just doesn't happen quickly. There are various steps involved - building the soil, planting seeds and starts, watering, weeding, fertilizing, and much watching and waiting. Watching for growth and waiting for harvest. Months will pass.

A large load of eco-compost has been deposited in my driveway (thank you, Pioneer Sand Company, Inc.) to embellish and built the garden beds. The soil will create a strong foundation in our tiny urban homestead. Soil is the root chakra of the garden; it is the base and the beginning. The soil must be luscious – full of organic matter, chocolate brown, light and airy.  Wheelbarrow loads of this mixture are making their way to the back yard awaiting the next stages of this gardening process.
Working to improve the garden beds

To honor the day a little Haiku (say Hi Koo), a Japanese form of poetry for you. Written in the common method of 17 “on” (sound beats) in three lines of  5, 7, 5 on. Written by Bumble and me!
to be a garden
soil must deeply nurture
to bring green alive

we produce produce
to enjoy only after
tedious toil

tomatoes come
to those of us who in spring
bust sod and tote dirt

beautiful yard
begins to emerge in front
of our sore souls

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