Friday, April 13, 2012

A little bit of Paris

Some treats found at "Les Delices de Paris" on Holly St. in Denver

When Bumble and I were in Paris in 2004, we would delight in eating a freshly-made crepe from the corner crepe guy on our morning walks. My husband would say, “Bon Ger" to him and he would respond and say, “Don’t lose your accent!” This humorous food vendor would make us paper-thin delectable crepes and fill them with our choice of fresh ingredients and dust the folded over tops with powdered sugar. We often got the sliced banana and Nutella crepes (sometimes we added strawberries). It was a yummy nosh and a great memory.

Je suis un francophile et adore tous ce qui est français. Comme j'étais heureux de trouver une pâtisserie typiquement française dans mon quartier, hier. [I am à francophile and adore all things French. How happy I was to find an authentic French pastry shop in my neighborhood yesterday!]

Exterior Shot

The delightful French pastry shop is called “Les Delices de Paris” (The Delights of Paris) and is located in the Leetsdale Shopping Center (SW corner), which is at the intersection of Holly Street and Leetsdale Drive in Southeast Denver. Right next door is a knitting shop called “I Love Knitting” in case you get lost. The proprietors, Chrystel and Gerard, are from the suburbs of Paris and they wake up before dawn to start baking for us. Now, while there are no crepes, there are 10 different varieties of quiche to serve as breakfast or lunch. The quiches are a great way to partake in a pastry that is not all about sugar but with protein-packed eggs and a wide variety of savory ingredients. I enjoyed the Quiche Lorraine and Spinach Quiche while Bumble had the Mexican Quiche with cheese and jalapenos.

Latte with Quiche Lorraine and a Bichon (Lemon Turnover)

There are gobs of sweet goodies to choose from: Napoleons and Chocolate Eclairs to Apple Flan Tartlets and Almond Croissants. The Bichon, or lemon turnover, was divine and creamy but not too sweet. Next next time I am going to try the various biscottis.  If you need a French fix, perhaps after enjoying a movie set in Paris like “Hugo” or "Midnight in Paris," then give Les Delices de Paris a visit.

Located at:
600 S. Holly St. Suite 101
Denver, CO 80246

More sweets to feast your eyes upon!


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